Benoit Consulting, LLC offers mental health solutions in three different ways: independent, general therapy; HR professional groups; and individual coaching tailored to HR professionals looking for increased mental and emotional health.


Mental and Emotional Health Support

Open to residents of Maine, Suzanne Benoit LCSW, CCTP provides private counseling to individuals struggling with abuse, relationship issues, and workplace trauma in a one-on-one private session arranged in advance. To learn more about accessing confidential therapy services, visit Suzanne Benoit Therapist


Stress Reduction Strategies and Increased Emotional Health

As a Certified Life Coach, this is an individual coaching and skill development service with the goal of de-stressing HR’s unique challenges and  increased mental health for a less anxious way of living. HR-Pros face special workplace challenges. This is due in part to who is attracted to the profession – folks who like to help people and improve systems. They typically have more work than can be done in a normal schedule. There’s also the nature of the position. HR reports to “the company” and must support company goals for profit and efficiency. They also support middle managers, coaching them and supporting their leadership over their teams. HR is also tasked with supporting individual employees who may have issues with the company, their manager or both. Finally, HR is often understaffed. Oftenworking alone, an HR department of one can be a powerful force working against self-care and scheduling essential time off.


Peer Group Experience

No peers at work to vent to or ask for advice? Want a safe and confidential support group to bounce ideas off or to just commune about your stressful day? Our partners and friends can be a good source of support but they may not understand the complex dynamics and situations you encounter in HR. Working with a skilled and knowledgeable facilitatior, discussing challenges with others who truly get what you’re facing can be reduce anciety and promote a healthier approach to this important work.


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