Benoit Consulting offers solutions for business owners; managers and individuals struggling with workplace cultures gone wrong—whether a powerful employee bully in your midst, team dysfunction, or general unhealthy workplace dynamics.

We help companies and individuals understand how negative dynamics develop and learn techniques to reduce drama, trauma and misunderstandings. Our interventions balance employee rights, company goals, risk management, and lawful ethics.

Companies and individuals engage us most often when . . .

  • Employees are choosing up sides and working at cross purposes
  • Good employees are suffering and eventually, quitting
  • Employees are prevented from doing their best by a negative and unhealthy atmosphere
  • The company is prevented from achieving goals and productivity has declined




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HEALTHY CULTURE? – Leaders Can Begin the Shift Today!

Like most companies, it’s probably been a while since you refreshed or communicated your company values . . . or even thought about they should be. Whatever the case, when you start having concerns about the overall openness of your workplace culture and whether employees are reluctant to speak up, it’s a sign you could use some help.

Benoit Consulting starts by assessing your current culture, comparing your workplace to cultural component benchmarks that either encourage positive interactions and the achievement of goals or ones that fuel dysfunction, gossip and distraction. We then work with you to to forge a plan guiding your company toward more positive, healthier standards.

BULLY – or Difficult Employee?

Do you have one department that doesn’t seem to be on board with your desired culture? Do you have a powerful or controlling employee who is leading your other employees in the wrong direction? Or, is there an employee you are afraid to confront?

Benoit Consulting can help you diagnose the source of the problem, both the cultural issues and the personal styles that may be interfering with the achievement of desired results.  Let us help you craft a respectful intervention strategy that solves the problem and minimizes the threat of litigation.


Benoit Consulting’s blog covers a wide variety of employee relations challenges facing today’s HR professionals.

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