Benoit Consulting, LLC offers solutions for business owners; managers and individuals struggling with workplace cultures gone wrong—whether a powerful employee bully in your midst, team dysfunction, or general unhealthy workplace dynamics. We help companies understand how negative dynamics develop and learn techniques to reduce drama, trauma and misunderstandings.

Suzanne Benoit LCSW, CCTP provides private counseling to individuals struggling with abuse, relationship issues, and workplace trauma in a one-on-one private session arranged in advance. To learn more about accessing confidential therapy services, visit Suzanne Benoit Therapist

Companies and individuals engage us most often when . . .

  • Good employees are suffering and eventually, quitting
  • Leaders are either too harsh or ignoring negative behavior
  • Divisions are not achieving goals and productivity has declined

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT – How strong is your bond with employees?

Employee engagement includes a strong, positive bond between an employer and employee as well as an employee motivation to achieve company goals. Employers facing turnover of valued staff; difficulty recruiting for key positions and employee complaints are experiencing poor or negative employee engagement. Benoit Consulting can help you assess performance on a number of engagement elements.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – Skills for managing others

Need individual attention? Reading about difficult behaviors can only take you so far. Suzi provides custom-tailored career coaching to senior leaders and CEOs. With a strategic view, she can support organizational leaders – helping a valued senior leader overcome performance difficulties or a CEO trying to create a structure to identify their replacement. Let Suzi help you separate the issues into manageble pieces.

 SELF AWARENESS – How well do you know yourself?

One of the most important leadership skills leading to career advancement is self-awareness. If you don’t have a realistic view of your own strengths and weaknesses, how can you truly evaluate the skills of others? Do you surround yourself with folks who are strong where you are weak? How well do you accept and genuinely welcome feedback from peers or those you manage? Let Suzi help you become more collaborative and less reactive to the normal ups and downs working with other flawed human beings!


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