About Benoit Consulting

Suzanne Benoit, LCSW, SPHR is an author, speaker, and consultant specializing in human behavior and social dynamics. Based in New England, she provides support to companies; HR professionals; and individuals struggling with negative social dynamics at work. Big picture – Assessing workplace culture is a specialty.

Suzanne has a varied background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker;  Senior Human Resource Leader; and solution oriented consultant. She is often engaged to help shift workplace atmosphere toward a healthier standard.

She provides individual coaching to HR professionals and business leaders striving to set the healthiest behavior standard they can –  an example for their organizations to follow.


  • Accountability
  • Workplace culture
  • Bullies and workplace abuse
  • Examples of good and bad leadership
  • Mentally & emotionally healthy behavior
  • Discrimination & inclusion of vulnerable employees
  • Sustaining long term business success through unified cultural values


Suzanne writes on these and other HR-related topics at www.benoitconsulting.com, and is engaged by a number of business groups and associations each year to speak about how to address challenging social dynamics in the workplace, offering quality technical solutions with humor and interactive style.

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