Suzanne Benoit Therapist

Suzanne Benoit LCSW, CCTP, CGP provides video-based private counseling to individuals struggling with concerns such as abuse, self-esteem, relationship issues and workplace trauma to name a few, in a one-on-one private session arranged in advance.

Work With Me


Though I have expertise, I do not see myself standing apart from my clients in an ivory tower. It is important that clients see me as a fellow flawed human being with the expertise to support their journey to a more serene, less anxious way of living. I would never require clients to share or do anything in therapy that would violate our trusting relationship. You must feel safe and comfortable to share your worries and concerns so you can move forward towards enhanced mental and emotional health.

My personal philosophy is to be as kind and nonjudgmental to folks around me as possible while striving to do my best in whatever I tackle. I can see the good in everyone and form relationships with a wide variety of individual personalities and styles. I believe in second chances and helping to create an open, supportive environment in which people can do their best. I believe that the consequences for negative behavior should fall to the person who is responsible for hurting others and often help clients resist the temptation to rescue others from the consequences of theirs.

Like so many others, emotional trauma has been a part of my own life and the lives of my children. We have all had experience with trauma and recovery. I am 25 years sober in 2022 and well-versed in the principles of both Alcoholics Anonymous and it’s companion program Al-Anon, though I am not an addictions counselor.

Whatever mistakes you’ve made, I have either made those or ones like them. I believe in the benefits of each of us doing our own personal work—individual and group therapy as well as self-help groups and other treatments. I have worked hard on my own recovery and am proud of where I am today. I would love to help you on your journey to your own enhanced emotional health!

Folks who come to me for therapy are struggling with . . .

Self-improvement or recovery work in:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Self esteem and self care
  • Understanding the effects of trauma
  • General grieving and loss
  • Suicide survivors (those who are grieving the loss of a loved-one to suicide)
  • Parenting challenges

Life changes resulting from workplace difficulties:

  • Navigating negative social dynamics at work
  • Navigating negative/unhealthy work cultures
  • Significant issues dealing with a supervisor
  • General boundary-setting at work

Our work will often include the following:

  • Supporting behavior changes
  • Improving communication
  • Improving boundary setting
  • Improved self care
  • Decreasing unproductive controlling behaviors
  • Learning to separate what we can from what we cannot control

My credentials

  • LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • CCTP – Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • CGP – Certified Grief Professional
  • SPHR – Senior Professional in Human Resources
  • SHRM  SCP – Society for Human Resource Management, Senior Certified Professional


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