Top Ten Reasons Why I Follow People on Twitter

My Twitter account is a business endeavor. Others may be on Twitter as a more personal thing. It’s been a year since I joined and the connections I’ve made have been well worth the time. There is a Twitter bug going around apparently that unfollows people randomly and I decided to pull this post from the archives – all about why I would follow people.  My logic is personal and not necessarily right for others.  It’s just my way of trying to bring my own content and using my connection time to advance my knowledge and thinking through following others.

What does my current “following” list look like?

My current “people I’m following” list is a wonderful collection of folks from around the globe. They are not all business – they are corporate, entrepreneurs, scientists, students and homemakers with a point of view.  It is a great combination of different ages, genders, and ethnic groups. I have many friends in Canada, Australia, India, the UK, Sweden and of course, in my native US. I have increasingly connected with young folks in India and Africa. There are probably people from other countries that I don’t know about as well. Thank you all for the intellectually challenging discussions and unique perspectives.

Reasons I follow others:

  1. They know about and tweet about something I’m interested in;
  2. They tweet throughout the day not 15 tweets one right after the other – sprinkler not fire hose;
  3. They tweet about a combination of things: orig content, news, personal observations & self promotion;
  4. The ratio of content to self-promotion is a reasonable 80/20;
  5. They offer something unique – different perspective, creative thoughts;
  6. They seem to care about fellow human beings on this planet in a genuine way (except maybe the news sources I follow);
  7. They take the time to comment once in a while about what others have posted: listening;
  8. They generally respond if I re-tweet their awesome content;
  9. They’re funny; and
  10. Their links usually work.

By definition, this eliminates weird porn spammers.  Who in the world do they think they’re fooling?

Happy Tweeting!!

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